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Since 1960 we produce and distribute rollers worldwide

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Rollers for conveyor belts

Since 1960 Euroll is producing rollers and components for roller and belt conveyors with a quality and a skill acknowledged by domestic and international concerns. In the wide range of Euroll products you can find a solution for all needs of package and bulk material carriage either indoor or outdoor with all kind of environmental conditions.

Euroll rollers for the carriage of bulk material are suitable to be employed in fields like building and quarrying, in pits and opencast yards, also in case of unfavourable weather situation. In the catalogue of products for the bulk material carriage you can find medium and high capacity rollers, together with all the components, like spacers, cleaners and stations, for conveyors and belt conveyors.

Euroll offers the best products for the package carriage, for indoor and outdoor handling and logistic, with the highest reliability for the non-stop work. In the catalogue of products for the package carriage you can find rollers for gravity conveyors and chain or belt motorized conveyors. Euroll can also design and produce customized rollers and components according to the customers requirements.

Experience and professionalism

Since 1960 Euroll is producing rollers for idle, motorized and belt carriage, becoming a reliable company of well-established experience. Thanks to the cooperation with important domestic and international companies, Euroll rollers conveyors products reached high quality level and very technological performance. Thanks to a simple structure, the company can offer top level services, high flexibility and customized products for logistic and handling carriage, giving to its customers a real competitive advantage.

Our Mission

Mission: The satisfaction of the customers is the main goal of the company. Thanks to the long experience, Euroll is always looking for products and solutions, for the package and bulk material carriage on rollers, which could ensure high performance of the conveyors for handling and logistic. By means of high quality level, reliability and flexibility, together with a good report quality/price, Euroll strengthens the competitiveness of its customers. The skill and the competence of our facilities are our basic value and the quality of our production is our main target.

Research and development

Euroll aims at the satisfaction and the trust of its customers developing and offering useful and reliable products; but it does not forget to pay attention to the safety of its products, its employees and to the protection of the environment. Euroll keeps its instruments always updated, in order to optimize the production process of pipes and rollers. Thanks to the CNC machines and the 2D/3D CAD processing and development, the company provides its technicians with the most progressive solutions for the planning of mechanical components for conveyor belt.


Among the wide range of Euroll rollers for package and bulk material carriage, you can find the right solution for every need. The objective of the Company is to design and adapt the products to the specific needs of the carriage in building, handling, logistic, storage and pits.

Euroll has a great experience in the production of rollers made of different materials, from steel to polyurethane, for the carriage in any environment and condition, either outdoor or indoor. EUROLL products for the motorized or belt conveyors can satisfy any use condition, also in case of humidity or adverse dynamic conditions.

production is flexible and supple, which allow the supply of any order of big, medium and small quantity. In addition to the several products in the catalogue, Euroll can produce rollers and components for the industrial logistic, according to a specific customer outline.

In order to solve any roller carriage problem, Euroll offer a range of components for wide and diversified handling equipments. Euroll products for the carriage, as regards to the inside handling market, are placed at the highest quality and functional level. This is an important element to optimize time and costs of the industrial production cycle.

Euroll produces rollers and components for the carriage on rollers of different dimensions and materials, particularly used in the industrial logistic carriage. Euroll products for storage and logistic are suitable for the prolonged and non-stop work in all environmental conditions. These products have an excellent report weight/performance and, even though they do not need frequent maintenance, they assure good performance and relliability.

Euroll produces rollers and other components for the installations of goods handling, particularly conveyors and handling equipments for the building and mining industry, for the crumbling, demolition, riddling or recycling of the extracted material.

Rollers and components for Euroll belt conveyors are strong and reliable and have a limited maintenance necessity thanks to the simple manufacture and the easy installation. This is very important to be able to offer to the customers real competitive advantages and to be abreast with the new technology.


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Rollers for the carriage in logistic, handling, automation and storage

Belt carriage and handling of materials are important passages of several industrial process phases. The use of efficient and reliable components gives a competitive advantage in the inside carriage of goods and finished products. Euroll developed a wide range of rollers and additional components for logistic and storage to be employed in all kind of industry, production and distribution, starting from the real needs of its customers.

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Rollers for the carriage in pits, building and handling

The carriage of bulk material is the main support in the quarrying industry and in the building field: capacity, speed and reliability of the motorized and belt conveyors become essential requirements to increase the efficiency of the production. Rollers and components are used for all the carriage equipments for handling in building and quarrying in pits, with non-stop work cycles in all weather conditions.